RX Vega is here! – What does this mean for mining?

August 14th – A day that could potentially go down in mining history Today was the day that AMD released their next generation Flagship GPU – the RX Vega 64. Although AMD stated that there would be enough stock for ‘both miners and gamers’ supplies were soon wiped out, presumably by the same miners that

Bitcoin deadline – Companies’ responses

With the deadline for the future of Bitcoin looming, companies are starting to contact their customers regarding the security of their money. We’ve rounded up some of the major ones and what their plans are for August 1st: Coinbase¬†– A popular online wallet – will be temporarily suspending deposits, withdrawals, buying and selling of bitcoin

12 Days in – Site Update

Cryptosphere.world has been live for 12 days now and the traffic and growth of the site has definitely met expectations. We thought we’d explain some changes that we have made, and plans that we have for the future. There were a few speed issues to begin with; this has now been solved with a CDN

The end of Bitcoin?

July 31st at 8pm EST could be the end of bitcoin, at least in its current form… That is the so called ‘deadline’ that the supporters of the increased blockchain file size have set. They believe that the situation of long confirmation times for transactions needs to be resolved quickly, by doubling the amount of

Welcome to Cryptosphere.world!

After many hours of development, cryptosphere.world is finally public! Over time, we hope for this site to become a central location for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, sharing hints and tips on how to maximise profits and enjoy the ever changing world of cryptocurrencies. We encourage you to sign up for an account, as it allows you