Burst Pool

Update:  If your miner isn’t sending deadlines to the pool, try setting the max/target deadline to 78892318800  .


We are pleased to announce the availability of a BURST mining pool for public use. BURST is very easy and cost effective to mine, using just your empty hard drive space!

Interested with the prospect of earning with very little effort?

How to get started


Pool address: burst.cryptosphere.world   (alternative:


Burstcoin Faucet

    • Minimum payout is 25 Burst
    • Pool fee is 0.75%
    • Transaction fee is 0.5% (or minimum 1 burst as required by the network)
    • Payment is instant when pool has a positive balance
    • Share value reduction is 50% per block

If pool on current round does not find a block, miners shares are kept (up to 50 blocks), but their value is reduced by 50% everytime we don’t find a block. when the pool has a positive balance, all share are added up to block# where payment will be made, and burst payments are made proportional to total share miners own up to this time.

    • Block forward allocation is 50%

If pool has a balance (for example 10000 burst), 5000 are distributed for miners proportional to their shares up to current block as payment, the other 5000 burst will be allocated and paid for next round, (whether we find a block or not), this will allocation continue until pool balance is drained out

    • Deadline limit of 78892318800 

deadline value from miner is converted into share value using this equation
share = 1000 / ( NetDiff * Deadline + 1 ) 0.75
where NetDiff (network difficulty) is calculated by Block0-BaseTarget / Block#N-BaseTarget

note : To prevent users spamming low shares, we implement a share penalty of -0.001 on each submission for miners who submit nonces that have a higher deadline than their (current round) own best deadline, as spamming low shares is no use as the pool will always pick one best deadline for every submitted nonce per round.



  1. First of all, you need to download the BURST wallet/plotting/mining software from the BURST github repo. You don’t have to use the built in wallet, there are plenty of other online wallets but we will be using the software you just downloaded for preparing the drives. There is also an online wallet as part of the client, so if you want to get started with mining quickly, we recommend you use the online wallet.

2. Whether online or offline the wallet interfaces look very similar, somewhat like this:

Hit ‘New? Create Your Account’ and you’ll be given a 12 word passphrase. DO NOT FORGET THIS! Write it down, get it tattooed on yourself, learn it by heart.. anything! If you lose this passphrase you will not be able to access your wallet from anywhere. Re-enter the passphrase in the next part of the creation process and then move on to part 3.

3. You should now be shown a page that looks like this:


This is your wallet, and is where you will come to check your balance or make transactions. Your BURST address is on the left pane. Before you can start earning BURST however, there are a few pieces of housekeeping we need to do. First of all – as a network requirement – you need a couple of BURST to make some configuration changes. Luckily we thought about this, and provided you with a BURST faucet! It should give you a small amount of BURST, which will suffice for our needs. These burst will take a few minutes to come through, so go and make a cup of coffee.

5. First of all, you need to set a name for your wallet. Click on ‘no name set’ and choose a suitable name. It will cost you 1 Burst, but now your wallet is ready!

6. Now it’s time to prepare our hard drives. BURST Mining uses a process called plotting to prepare the hard drives for mining. The plots will use up the hard drive space, so be careful as to how much space you can safely allocate whilst keeping your system running. Almost any hard drive or storage medium will work. The more storage, the better! First of all, click ‘Write Plots’ in the bottom menu on the client. Then choose which drive you wish to plot and press ‘Plot this Drive’.

You will be presented with a menu that looks like this:

Use the slider to choose how much storage you want to use, and how many CPU cores you want to use during the plotting process. Please note that plotting is CPU intensive, and takes a while, so if you intend to still use your computer whilst plotting the hard drives leave 1 or 2 cores open to you. Then make sure you select Run as Admin (as it will make plotting faster) and then ‘Start Plotting’.

A window similar to this should appear, which will show the status of the plotting:

Repeat this process as many times as you need to, depending on how many hard drives you wish to plot.


7. Once you have plotted your drives, head back to your wallet and next to the ‘Write Plots’ button you should find ‘Start Mining’

Enter our pool  burst.cryptosphere.world  into the choose pool section and then press ‘Change Reward Assignment’. This should automatically copy our Burst Pool address into your clipboard, but if for some reason it doesn’t it is BURST-ATHY-NWXS-YT9J-ASL5N .


Paste this in the Recipient box, and enter the passphrase to your wallet in the other box. Then press submit.


If you are greeted with a confusing page of data.. you did it correctly! Now you need to wait about 20 minutes for your reward assignment to change, and then you can begin mining.


To mine, go back to ‘Start Mining’ and press ‘Start Mining (CPU / AVX)


This should bring up a window like this, showing the drives loading and the latest block.




If it doesn’t, and the command prompt window is empty or only shows a small amount of text, try switching the mining pool address to instead.


If that fails to work, or you experience any other issues along the way, feel free to leave a message in our BURST forum

Remember, the more people/storage capacity that join the pool, the more chance we have of winning blocks!

Good Luck! And happy mining!