Our Thoughts on the Burst Hard Fork

As you may or may not have heard, the majority of the Burst community has decided that the cryptocurrency will hard fork at block 470,000 – sometime in mid-March – in order to implement some changes. The main change is the introduction of some of the Dymaxion code.

What is The Dymaxion?

The Dymaxion is a lightning network comprising of tangles, which allows layers to be added on top of the Burst blockchain. A second fork (sometime in the future) will also include the introduction of PoC2 which essentially makes the Burst network more secure. The third fork will introduce PoC3 which will add features that allow the currently useless plot files to store data as part of a distributed redundant storage system.

Will the Burst pool be using the fork when it happens?

After a fair amount of consideration, yes. We believe that the majority of users will also move over to adopt the new features and that the old chain will probably die out. We are in the process of upgrading our pool’s wallet to support the fork, which will ensure seamless mining when block 470,000 hits.

Do I need to do anything in preparation for the fork?

If you have a local wallet, you will need to ensure you have an up to date version that supports PoC2. One is available from the Proof of Capacity Consortium and other developers will no doubt releasing their own soon. If you fail to update your wallet, after block 470,000 you will not receive any payouts from us.


If the Burst community takes a massive, unlikely U-Turn we may reconsider our decision to follow the fork. We hope that the fork and all the new features bring many benefits and in turn increase the value of Burst!

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