BURST Pool updates

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned the Burst pool on the main website, so we thought we’d update you with how things are going.

On average there are around 8-9 miners on the pool. Although not a huge amount, we do win blocks and the small amount of miners allows us to split the (currently around $120) blocks and take home a tidy amount each.


The Burst price has skyrocketed recently, mainly due to a post on Forbes, which is making mining all the more desirable.


We had a small amount of downtime over the past week while we transferred hosts, but we have managed to save more money which can instead be re-invested in other ways. On the subject of investment, we (Cryptosphere) will be making a personal investment of at least $100 per month in Hard Drives until we become a far more competitive pool. Although this doesn’t sound like much, we don’t want to invest too much into one currency and instead are always looking at new coins and new methods of mining.

The more people that get involved in BURST, the higher the value and the more we will earn as a pool, so invite your friends.. or plot their Hard Drives when they’re not looking* 😉

For more information on start mining Burst visit https://cryptosphere.world/burst/

To visit our pool: http://burst.cryptosphere.world

For FREE Burst, use our faucet: http://burst.cryptosphere.world:8080

We hope to see you mining with us soon!


*We accept no responsibility for loss of friendship after plotting their Hard Drives without consent

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