Where we have been, Bitcoin Boom and more!

It’s been exactly a month since we last posted an update on here, but hopefully our reasoning is justified below!


First of all we have been busy ironing out bugs and advertising our Burst HDD Mining Pool, which we are pleased to say is now successfully winning blocks and – due to our small size – paying out quite large amounts to our users. New users are very welcome, as it increases our chance of winning blocks even more! If you need help mining with your empty hard drive space, check out our How To Guide.


Secondly, we are currently in the midst of developing a completely new concept around CoinHive and their CPU mining technology. Their in-browser JavaScript miner has been the subject of great controversy over the past few weeks, with sites like thePirateBay running it inconspicuously in the background of their users browsers. We have been testing it on here, although have always been transparent when and where we use it. Without revealing too much, the new concept will allow you to mine and benefit from almost all of the reward in the form of whatever cryptocurrency you choose (from a list of around 10 to start). We hope for this to be ready towards the end of November/early December.


Now then.. enough with the excuses! What’s been going on in the cryptocurrency world?

The price of Bitcoin has soared dramatically. The last time we posted on Cryptosphere.world, the price was a mere $3600. This has now peaked to over $6000, showing that it still isn’t too late to invest. Of course, you won’t earn as much in the short term as someone who invested a few months ago, but if can afford to hold the coins for a long period of time, you are almost guaranteed some profit on your investment. The main reason behind this increase is most likely because of the Chinese ban on ICO’s or Initial Coin Offerings. ICO’s are a ‘quick and easy’ method of generating capital for a company. Countries are starting to ban them because they offer no (or very little) regulation/protection to safeguard a users money in the case of the company going bankrupt, or being a scam. The majority of ICO’s are scams, so our recommendation is not to invest in them.. everokay 😛


In terms of consistency of posting, from now on we hope to post at least 1 or twice a week, as we were previously.

Thanks for being loyal!




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