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Nicehash Security Breach – $62 million stolen!?

Nicehash, the extremely popular and easy to use mining platform, suffered a major security incident on Wednesday. The entire contents of its Bitcoin wallet (rumoured to be totalling $62 million) was emptied by hackers and transferred to what is thought to be this address. Nicehash have released a statement saying: Unfortunately, there has been a security

Bitcoin deadline – Companies’ responses

With the deadline for the future of Bitcoin looming, companies are starting to contact their customers regarding the security of their money. We’ve rounded up some of the major ones and what their plans are for August 1st: Coinbase – A popular online wallet – will be temporarily suspending deposits, withdrawals, buying and selling of bitcoin

The end of Bitcoin?

July 31st at 8pm EST could be the end of bitcoin, at least in its current form… That is the so called ‘deadline’ that the supporters of the increased blockchain file size have set. They believe that the situation of long confirmation times for transactions needs to be resolved quickly, by doubling the amount of